Sunday, September 27, 2009

Double the Fun

To all my avid readers....ahhhh hummmmm, well, to the few who may still be checking this blog for some glimmer of life, WAIT NO LONGER! Yeah, it's been about 5 weeks since my last post, but this cute video will make up for my blogging negligence!

For those of you who don't know, Garrett's brother Cody and his lovely wife Kara, (I just LOVE that girl,) had their own little pink bundle of joy just one month before Saffren made her debut. Cousin Emmie was born March 24th and Saffren was April 27th ! Now, the only sad part to this "too sweet" story is that our girls are thousands of miles apart since little Emmie and her parents live in Cary, North Carolina. (We keep trying to convince them to move back to the great state of Texas but our efforts have failed, and frankly, after seeing the breathtaking North Carolina landscape, I can't blame them!) Garrett and I were able to make a trip up to N.C. right before school started (like the WEEKEND before school started) to be there for Emmie's baptism. It was a family affair. Garrett's Dad, his wife Becky, and Garrett's Mom all flew up for the special occasion. When seeing each other for the first time Saffren and Emmie acted as though they were the best of friends, it was super cute! Here is a little video Garrett put together to mark their first "Cousin's Reunion!"

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Diane said...

Loved the new NC video!!! I watched it twice and will watch it more! Love those little girls! The song is perfect!