Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Making Copies

While at the doctor's office, the most awkward moment after finding out that we have a little girl on the way, was when the sonographer described this photo as "sitting on the copier." She said, I know it sounds terrible but that's the best way to picture the angle we're looking at. To which Garrett responded, "It's fine, she just better not do it again when she's older!"
Then I think he muttered something under his breath like, "I'll bust her butt."

Our Daughter The Donkey

So, a week ago we found out that this "bun in the oven" is a precious baby GIRL! (I was convinced all along but it is good to hear a doctor tell me I'm right!) While we were getting the sonogram pics the sonographer (sp?) measured the baby's head, we looked at the 4 chambers in her heart and got a glimpse of the "railroad track" backbone. All was well and good with our sweet little one until she decided she had had enough of the poking and prodding and decided to retaliate with a mule kick! As we watched her on the screen she positioned herself on all four and started kicking up both feet behind was hilarious! My first thought was, "Oh Lord, she's going to be feisty!"

She must take after her Mom. Garrett says I don't know how to gently turn over when I'm under the covers, instead I flop and flail. Baby Hand must have done the same when we so rudely interrupted her beauty sleep!