Wednesday, May 27, 2009

One Month Today

Today, May 27th, marks Saffren's one month birthday. Since it is never too early to start working on one's resume we thought we might share her current skill set. Here it is, in no particular order:
 Mastered the arts of 
1. grunting, 
2. hiccuping
3. the double sneeze 
4. and double poo 
(this last one took some learning on our part...we now know to wait for the second squirt before changing a stinky diaper.)

5. Fluent in baby cooing, particularly the word "aaaahhhooooo" Translation from the Mommy dictionary: "I love YOU"

6. Nutrition timing expert - This is the 6th sense that Saffren has developed. She can sense precisely the moment Mommy is sitting down to eat, and at that moment, she begins to cry. All of those people who tell you that you'll lose weight by breastfeeding are just pulling your leg...the REAL reason you lose weight is because you never have time to eat!

7. Saffren's seventh skill that she and Daddy are still perfecting is the use of nun chucks...this poor pink teddy bear has no idea who he's dealing with.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

That first bath was a doozie...I mean DOODIE

For her first bath Saffren let me know exactly who was in charge.  Luckily Garrett was there to catch it all on video. 

P.S.  There were NO sound effects added or enhanced in the making of this video.  

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Big Birthing Hips Totally Failed!

Anyone with a ghetto bootie or a figure that is made for "Apple Bottom Jeans" will agree with me on this next statement. I think there should be some sort of doctor code of procedures which measures the circumference of your hips, and if that measurement is particularly round, a C-section should be out of the question! I mean, what good are large birthing hips if they fail you in the delivery room?!? Well, that's exactly what happened after 14+ hours of contractions...we ended up in the operating room.
Garrett and I checked in to Baylor Medical Center in Frisco on Sunday night, April 26th. Our little angel was due the 19th and after she didn't show any signs of coming out of hiding, my doctor decided to "serve her an eviction notice!" They started me on some meds, Garrett created a make-shift pallet on the floor (labor and delivery rooms didn't have a bed for Dad,) and we watched some football documentary on the "Mighty Mites."
The next morning was a typical rainy Monday...Garrett had a three course breakfast fit for a king and I was allowed to eat an orange popsicle. Fun. They started me on Pitosin to help with contractions. At first, I had to be told I was having a contraction...I seriously couldn't feel anything. Mom and Dad arrived later in the morning and the waiting game began. By noon, I had only dilated to a 2, a few hours later it was "almost a two and a half." By 5:00 I was only at about a 4 and my doctor made some NOT FUNNY joke about how we might have an early morning delivery the next day. A hour later, the doctor broke my water and shortly after that I had an epidural. Drugs are amazing by the way, don't let anyone tell you any different! One cherry, and one grape popsicle later, thing still hadn't changed much and the clock just kept ticking. By 9:00, I was still only at a 5 and the nurse said that the baby's heartbeat was slowing. They started me on oxygen and flipped me from side to side several times to get the baby in a better position but when her heart rate had trouble coming back up the doc made the call. Into the O.R. we went. In a matter of minutes I was under the enormous U.F.O.- like lights, my hair was pulled back in a blue hairnet, and my arms were strapped down to the table. I was a little scared but Garrett was right by my side and was thrilled that he was going to be able to watch them cut me open. He thought the whole process was "really cool."
The next thing I heard was an ear-piercing angry scream...boy had we ticked off that little bundle of joy! Check out the video...Saffren's proud Daddy put it together!